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nurse staffing-healthcare software

Acuity-Based Nursing Assignments

AcuityPlus provides the information needed (through evidence-based workload measurement methodologies) to make sound staffing, budgeting, and patient care decisions, helping to improve patient care and increase nurse satisfaction, while effectively managing cost.
antimicrobial-healthcare software

Antimicrobial Stewardship Solution​

MEDICI’s antimicrobial stewardship solution is a cloud-based product that is CDC-validated. Equipped with pre-made data interfaces for any EHR, hospitals of any size can meet NHSN AUR reporting requirements and help clinicians optimize antimicrobial therapies.
clinical communications-healthcare software

Communication and Mobility Platform

Uniphy Health’s complete digital ecosystem provides real-time information and collaboration, streamlined data access to reduce errors, increased productivity and communication, and centralized access to all mobile applications needed in a healthcare system.
infection control-healthcare software

Infection Control, Hospital Analytics and More

Emerald, a suite of solution modules, includes BedManager which provides real-time information needed to make optimal patient placement decisions. Infection Control helps effectively manage infection cases and potential outbreaks with benefits to patient outcomes and safety.

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