AcuityPlus Presents “Streamlining Your Nursing Workflows Utilizing an Acuity-Based Solution” at AONL 2024

Streamlining Your Nursing Workflows Utilizing an Acuity-Based Solution
AcuityPlus presents at the 2024 American Organization for Nursing Leadership (AONL) annual conference in the Education Expo Pavilion

AcuityPlus by Harris OnPoint presented “Streamlining Your Nursing Workflows Utilizing an Acuity-Based Solution” at this year’s AONL Education Expo Pavilion. Utilizing an acuity-based nursing solution allows you to leverage your hospital’s data to create equitable nursing assignments, support nursing excellence, optimize budgeting, and compare your metrics to a national benchmarking database. With it, you can make data-driven decisions based on patients’ complete care needs and support your nursing teams.

What are the key elements of a true acuity solution? They include:

  • Objective versus subjective
  • Standardized to enable comparability and benchmarking
  • Automated versus manual
  • Equipped with real-time, actionable data
  • Ever-evolving with nursing practice and the healthcare landscape

Learn how two unique health systems benefit from utilizing an acuity-based solution in the video below. The speakers include The National Institutes of Health Clinical Center’s Service Chief, Oncology & Critical Care, and Carle Health’s Clinical Acuity Coordinator. Learn how they utilize the solution for:

  • Staffing assignments
  • Nursing excellence
  • Culture changes
  • Utilization across varied care settings
  • Supported specialized care
  • Benchmarking

Would you like to learn more about how an acuity-driven nursing workflow solution can benefit your hospital, care teams and patients? Connect with us to learn more.

About AcuityPlus

AcuityPlus helps hospitals improve patient care and outcomes, increase nurse satisfaction, and best utilize nursing resources and budgets. The evidence-based nursing workflow solution works with any EHR, time and attendance system, and scheduling solution.

With it, you can automatically create balanced nursing assignments using your existing documentation practices to transform the way your care teams work. You also have access to real-time data and robust analytics to ensure your nursing teams are working at their optimal—and safe—levels.

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Harris OnPoint, a business unit of Harris Computer, delivers elite and innovative software solutions that solve real client problems in the ever-changing world of healthcare. Through its vendor-agnostic solutions, Harris OnPoint’s technology bridges gaps in communication, workflows, connectivity, safety, and efficiency; helping healthcare organizations optimize their time for what’s most important – patient care.

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