Make better use of your resources and give better patient care with smart, customizable software designed for health care.

Our advanced healthcare solutions give health care workers and leaders instant access to tools and analysis to better manage everything from workload and patient flow to infection control and funding analysis.

  • Infection Control & Antimicrobial Stewardship

    Real-time tools to easily monitor, manage, report on and prevent infections. With instant access to information about infections your team can treat patients sooner, improve outcomes and save significant costs.

  • Bed Manager and Patient Flow

    Helps you meet financial targets and give patients the care they deserve by giving your team the data they need to improve patient flow, access to care and your bottom line.

  • Workload

    Help your hospital improve productivity and decision support with our Workload solution. Information is automatically captured and analyzed so your team can spend more time taking care of patients.

  • Incident Reporting

    A customizable, scalable, secure, web-based and user- friendly solution for hospitals to prevent, report and resolve both patient and organizational incident events so that they can protect their workplace and improve performance.